Cup of Flavorsome Tea – A Common Appetizer of a Party

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Cup of Flavorsome Tea – A Common Appetizer of a Party

These days, tea party is not a subject of little girls only. When the girls have grown up, in their special day of being bride, they do not want to skip the tea party. Most of the brides these days are interested to add the coffee theme in their bridal showers. Nice looking tea presses in this purpose goes the best.

In bridal shower concept, there are two types of party themes – Asian and English parties. The Asian and English wedding parties are different, but, there is one similarity. In both the type of parties, addition of the tea theme is notable.

The Asian Themed Tea Party

In the Asian themed bridal parties, the occasion does not emphasize on the wedding theme mainly. The matter of the relatives being together in these parties becomes more important in this occasion. There the tea party gets suitable. With conversations there, the cup of tea, poured from a nice looking tea press becomes great to see.

When you have requested your guests to maintain the Asian dress style, their long tunics with baggy trousers can be suitable for this party. The high necked Chinese dresses are suitable for these parties also.

When you have set the party attire, the decorating elements there should be of Asian style as well. As it has been said, the brides are interested to maintain the tea party. In that tea party theme, you may presume the importance of the tea quality as well as of the tea containers and about the other elements to use in this purpose. There the simple bodum assam tea press seems so nice. With any kind of attires they match very attractively.

For Chinese brides

When the wedding party is for the Chinese bride, it is must that she has worn a red dress. This color indicates honor, success, fortune, happiness, fertility and passion to the Chinese people. So a lot of red colored elements become a part of decoration in those weddings. When you place the transparent tea presses there, the tea-color adjust with the whole ambience.

Tea Theme in English Wedding Parties

Normally, the tradition of tea party is arranged in the English Country Garden. In the Victorian style of decoration, the wedding arrangement goes the best.

In that party, to enjoy it as the tradition, the invited people speak in old English and avoid Modern English. There too, the dress code can be declared previously. With the chiffon scarves, flowing dresses or using the layers of beaded necklace, large beamed hats, white gloves, the whole party approach becomes so nice.

Tea Accessories for this party

Black tea is a traditional feature of these parties. With modern tea cups the elegant looking bodumassam tea press seems very nice. By the side of these tea pots, the suitable sugar bowls look very nice.

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